Renewal of our fleet with the new Nissan Leaf 62

The renewal of our fleet is one of the main objectives of MEC Carsharing. Its purpose is to improve operational efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint and offer next-generation vehicles to our customers. In this context, the Nissan Leaf 62 emerges as a leading option to replace existing Nissan Leaf 40 fleets and take sustainability and performance to the next level.

Advantages of fleet renewal from Nissan Leaf 40 to Nissan Leaf 62

  1. Greater Range: With the Nissan Leaf 62, greater range is available compared to its predecessor, the Nissan Leaf 40. This means that users can take longer trips without needing to recharge, increasing flexibility and productivity of the fleet.
  2. Advanced Technology: The Nissan Leaf 62 is equipped with the latest Nissan technological innovations. In this way, a safer, more comfortable and connected driving experience is achieved. From enhanced safety features to cutting-edge entertainment systems.
  3. Improved Efficiency: In addition to offering greater autonomy, the Nissan Leaf 62 also presents significant improvements in terms of power in fast charging; charging at 100 Kw/h, which allows charging in less time and being able to face long-distance trips with greater solvency.

Impact of fleet renewal with Nissan Leaf 62

  • Offer a better service: With the renewal of our vehicles, we want to offer a better experience to our customers.
  • Improvement of our corporate image: Adopting the latest technology in electric vehicles shows a company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.
  • Regulatory compliance: With environmental regulations constantly evolving, fleet renewal with electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf 62 allows companies to have sustainable mobility options to facilitate compliance with the environmental commitments of the 2030 Agenda and development objectives. sustainable.

In conclusion, the fleet renewal of Nissan Leaf 40 for Nissan Leaf 62 offers a unique opportunity to improve our services. With its range, advanced technology and improved efficiency, the Nissan Leaf 62 is the perfect choice to take sustainability and performance to the next level.