MEC for Business

MEC carsharing FLEET

Digitise your fleet, share, and connect it!

The built-in solution for companies fleet or corporations; it allows sharing all the fleet efficiently, stablishing bookings, assignments, use preferences ans timetables for users and vehicles.

  • Maximum efficiency, from app to backoffice.
  • Our team can manage the pick-up and usage of the vehicles from backoffice.
  • Integral service for the eco-mobility of companies.
  • It allows saving mobility costs
  • We manage the fleet’s change: from regular to electrical and connected.

MEC carsharing BUSINESS

Our fleet for your company

Enjoy our innovative and electrical vehicles for your company, choosing one of our bases or pick the car at your company. Welcome to the eficient mobility!

  • Your business vehicle you can use for hours or for days
  • Decrease the cost of mobility in your company.
  • Create your account and add your employees.
  • Make management easier, just one invoice for your company
  • Don’t worry about the keys of the car. You can open it with your cell phone.
  • Monthly you’ll receive an efficiency report, according to our social responsibility compromise.

If you are part of a company, public institution, do not hesitate to contact us to find out the plans tailor made for corporations.