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This section includes everything related to
the bases; what they are, how can we access and get out of them, and the particularities of each charging point.

The base is where the vehicle is picked up, and where you must return it after use.

If you take the vehicle at this base, you should keep in mind that once below there will be no coverage.You will have to press the "START" button upstairs.
In this parking we have some reserved places:
• 1130 (with charging point)
• 1129 (with charging point)
• 1080
• 1079
• 1078
If for any reason it is not possible to leave the vehicle in one of these places, leave it in a nearby location and call customer service (686 52 94 98), to let them know where the car is.


This section includes everything related to the operation of the app, before, during and after the reservation.

First, download the MEC carsharing APP, available on the App Store or Google play.

Sign up, and when it’s validated, you can start making reservations.


The service is charged by direct debit or debit/credit card

You can do this by accessing the App, in the drop-down menu in the upper left margin, by clicking on “BOOKINGS”, and pressing “FUTURE” tab. You will see the options to modify or cancel your booking.

You can recover your password from the web or from the App; you will receive a link on your email to change your password.

Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on and give the App permission to use the phone'slocation. Remember that you can access the reservation from a quarter of an hour beforethe start of the reservation, until a quarter of an hour later. If you go earlier, the "START" option will not appear. If you go more than a quarter of an hour later, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. If your problem is not caused by any of these issues, and the error persists, contact customer support (686 52 94 98).

Two cases can occur: the first, it may be that all vehicles on the selected base are picked up at some point in the selected time slot. Contact customer service (686 52 94 98) and there, they will tell you when will the vehicles be available.

The other option is that you have selected a path type that is not correct for your user
type. In the App, users are distinguished according to PARTICULARS or PROFESSIONALS,
depending on the type of path they take. If, despite changing the path type, the error persists, contact customer support.

Inside the glove compartment, you will find the key to the vehicle. When you arrive at your destination, take it and close the vehicle. Then, when you pick it up again, insert the key chain into the slot where you found it. Which way to look at the white part of the keychain is irrelevant.

Make sure the windows and doors are closed, and that the key is back in the slot inside
the glove compartment. If, despite all the error persists, contact customer support (686 52 94 98)

In this case, if once the reservation is closed you realize that something has been left inside the vehicle, you can return to the vehicle and open the app. In the “BOOKINGS" section, located in the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the screen, two options will appear: upcome and past. If you click on “PAST”, you will see that you see the option to open the vehicle to recover your personal object. This option is only available for 10 minutes after you close your booking.

If you notice it later, contact customer support (686 52 94 98) and we will pick it up for you, or we will open the vehicle for you to pick it up.

The other option is that one of the service workers, when checking the vehicle, could find the object. In this case it is tracked until the owner appears


In this section, we explain the possible
difficulties that could arise with the vehicle:

If you can’t put the gear, first make sure that you are pressing the brake with your right food while moving the gear selector. If you continue to have the same problem, check that you have performed all the vehicle opening steps, because if you do not report the damage and the level of cleanliness of the vehicle, it will not let you start the engine.

If it doesn't work, press the "OPEN" button in the App again. If you still persist in the error, contact customer support (686 52 94 98).

The 30 kW Nissan Leaf has an average range of 170 km. The 40 kW, 270km. When a user picks up the vehicle and sees that the authomy is less than that indicated above, it could mean that the previous user has made an inefficient use of the vehicle (driving at speeed above 110 km / h, turning on the air Conditioning or heating uninterruptedly, or circulating D mode and without ECO), and this has calculated autonomy based on a similar use. If you make a responsible and an eficient use, you will see that the authonomy increases during the journey.

In order for everyone to enjoy a satisfactory service, whenever possible, the vehicle should be plugged when it is returned to the base. If it is not possible, we would appreciate if you could call customer service (686 52 94 98) and report it.

Turn off the air conditioning or heating. Slow down, and drive with B and ECO. Contact customer support (686 52 94 98) and we'll help you find a nearby charging point.


  • A slow charging charger: you will recognize it because one of the ends is a conventional schucko plug. With this, a charge takes about 8- hours to charge the vehicle up to 100%.You’ll find it in the trunk.
  •  A medium charge loader: it is the other charger that you will find in the trunk of the  vehicle. It’ll take about 4 hours to have it 100%.
  • Barcelona Blue Zone Card: With this card, the blue area in Barcelona will come out for free. You have to pass the card through the reader, enter the time that will remain  parked (maximum periods of 2 hours extendable). You will also use it for some charging points of the Barcelona network, and for the san SADURN vehicle charger.
  • Vilafranca City charge card: This card is used to charge the vehicle at most loading  point in the network of municipalities. To see where those chargin points are, you can follow this link:  https://xarxarecarrega.icaen.gencat.cat/ICAEN/
    Vilafranca parking clock: To park in the Camp del Cellerot car parking in Vilafranca del Penedes, you must set the clock with the time of arrival to a visible place, since the  maximum occupancy time of the charging point is 2 hours, and a regular spot has a límit of 2: 30h.
  • TELETAC: All our vehicles are equipped with Teletac. It is located at the top of the frontglass. If it is not, the previous user may have removed it. In this case, inside the  compartment between the front seats, you will find a silver box; TeleTac should be inside. If the device is not in the vehicle, please notify customer support (686 52 94 98)
  • Vehicle documentation: Inside the glove compartment you will find the vehicle’s  technical data sheet and driving licence, along with insurance data, accident report
    and a small vehicle usage guide. If you notice that one of these documents is not here, we ask to notify customer service (686 52 94 98), and they will be returned.
  • Parking cards: In the case of vehicles in Sitges and Plaza Penedes, they are subscribed  to the car parks where they are headquartered. To get out of Sitges, you’ll have to pass the blue card through the reader on the fourth floor. In the  Vilafranca car park, normally with the Teletac you can access (note that sometimes it  takes a while to detect it). If it doesn’t, you’ll find a silver card, which will serve to get in and out.



In this section we will find all the information
of the load and the charging points.

The charging port can only be opened when the vehicle has the engine turned off.

To facilitate charging, we recommend downloading the “electromaps” App. It will help us finding  charging points  in the place where you are going. The chargers suitable for our  vehicles  are;

CHAdeMO: fast charging (30 minutes)
Mennekes: average charge (4 hours). Type 1 (Asian) for Nissan Leaf 30 kW, Type 2 (European) for Nissan Leaf 40 kW.
Schucko: it is the slowest charge, works with a conventional plug. Type 1 (Asian) for Nissan Leaf 30 kW, Type 2 (European) for Nissan Leaf 40 kW.

In Vilafranca you’ll find fast chargers in the following adresses:

• Parking behind archive building (Campo del Cellerot parking)
• Nikko center Vilafranca (Av. Tarragona 137)

In order to use the charger of Camp del Cellerot, you will have to use the card of Vilafranca.
If you are going to use the one located in Nikko center, you must ask for the card at the reception. (Always during the opening of the stabishment , Monday to Friday 9h-13h and from 15h to 19h, and on Saturdays, from 9h to 13h)


In this section you will find the specifications of the insurance, and the limits of the same.

In the glove compartment you will find the accident report and the number of the insurance company. Stay calm and proceed as you would do with your own car.

Vehicles have full-risk Insurance, with a  franchise of 300 euros. The Insurance covers all incidents that may be made on journeys made by people over the age of 23, with a valid and unrestricted driving license, ocurring without negligence, and always within the EEC (European Economic Community). This includes the following countries:

• Germany
• Andorra
• Austria
• Belgium
• Bulgaria
• Cyprus
• Croatia
• Denmark
• Slovakia
• Slovenia

• Spain
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Greece
• Holland
• Hungary
• Ireland
• Italy
• Latvia

• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Malta
• Norway
• Netherlands
• Poland
• Portugal
• United Kingdom
• Czech Republic
• Romania
• Sweden
• Switzerland

To take the vehicles out of the country, advance notice must be made to the customer service (686 52 94 98). If you want to go to a country that isn’t in the list, you must call customer service, and ask for the green card, at least three working days before leaving.


In this last section, we will find everything related to tolls.

The following tolls are discounted at 75% of the rate for electric vehicles, on non-holiday working days.

C-16 Vallvidrera Tunnels
C-16 Les fonts
C-16 Manresa
C-32N Alella Access
C-32N Premià Access
C-32N Barrera Vilassar

  • C-32N Accés Sant Andreu de Llavaneres
  • C-32N Accés Sant Vicenç de Montalt
  • C-32N Accés Arenys de Mar
  • C-32N Barrera Arenys de Mar
  • C-32N Barrera Santa Susanna
  • C-33 Barrera Mollet del Vallès
  • C-32S Barrera Garraf-Vallcarca
  • C-32S Accés Cubelles
  • C-32S Barrera Cubelles
  • C-32S Accés Calafell

The vehicles are equipped with Teletac. If you use tolls or car parks using the Teletac, you will pay them at the begginning/middle of the following month. If you don’t want to use the TeleTac, inside the compartment between the front seats, you’ll find a silver box, which is inhibitory. You can keep the TeleTac there, but it is important to restore it to its place when the journey is over. Keep in mind that, if you don’t use TeleTac, the discounts mentioned above won’t be applied.